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2012 Instructure Year in Review

Posted by Josh Coates on January 4,2013

Another trip around the sun brings us to 2013. We’ll remember 2012 for the Summer Olympics, a U.S. presidential election, Gangnam style and the Mayan apocalypse. Predictions abound for 2013. They range from the complete collapse of everything we hold dear to Pluto lobbying for acceptance back into the planet consortium. It's hard to know what the future holds, but we’re pretty confident in thinking that 2013 will be the year the Snuggie gets the respect it deserves.

McKaylaCome on McKayla - we’re doing awesome!

Let’s review!

2012 by the numbers:

  • +200 new customers added (we have over 300 now)
  • +50 K-12 customers added (we have over 60 now)
  • +117 new employees (we have over 200 now)
  • +5 of the top 25 business schools added
  • +4% LMS market share (we are at 5% now in just 24 months)
Snuggie2013 haute couture.

Launched new Canvas products in 2012:

We're looking forward to an even more exciting 2013 with great things in the works for Canvas!

Keep learning,

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